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7 ways to get started with social media optimization

7 ways to get started with social media optimization

Social media optimization is the most sought after and effective internet marketing technique available today. New brands are often at loss, when it comes to getting started with social media optimization. Here are 7 easy guidelines for starters:

Regular Posts
It’s a well known fact that social media pages need regular dose of updates to make your audience come back and stick around. After all, nobody wants to see that a page they liked hasn’t been updated since 2010! Update can be anything from news, photos, company buzz, projects, industry news, events or even funny one-liners! With each update, you are connecting with the audience and building a community of people who have your brand in their mind.

Consistent Style

Give a distinct voice for your company across all social channels, that resonates with your brand values. Some basic guidelines can be created to ensure that the language style and persona is consistent in every post made online.

Engage with others

On social media, everyone wants attention. Interact with your fans by replying to their comments. Acknowledging comments, whether positive or negative, shows that you are on top of the game.

Be generous

Don’t hold back anything and give your “likes” to your well wishers, be it an employee, a fan or a peer company, appreciating others always makes you look stronger. This gives your brand a generous persona in your audience’s eyes.

Offer help

Our society lives on reciprocity. Help your audience in your own ways and build trust.

Network with others

Expand your network by connecting with pages in your industry, local businesses, events and even personal connections. This will give you more reach and increase leads.

Don’t be shy

In order to be talked about, you need to be seen. Make sure that the information you wish to share online is seen by your audience by choosing appropriate privacy settings on your company’s social channels. Talk about your achievements whenever opportunities arise. How else can your fans know about them? Don’t be shy, your social media channels allow you to establish a better footprint on the web.

These are a few methods to get started with optimizing your social media channels. These could get you started on the long journey in Social Media Optimization .

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