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5 Reasons to Blog

5 Reasons to Blog

What do you think are the reasons businesses maintain a blog? Or rather, what is the return of investment for a business in having a blog? You definitely have your official  Facebook page, your tweets, and maybe the round of email newsletters doing the work for your company’s online presence. Well, before you finalize on your decision about a company blog, have a read below.

I thought it would be apt to write about the importance of blogging as our first post on Zhooyified! - The Official Blog of Zhooyi.

So, here goes the 5 reasons why a business should or start a blog.

1. Expression

Yes, we all agree that a Facebook status or a Tweet aptly sums up the experiences we have had. But is 140 characters (it has gone up these days, but still for the sake of being dramatic) enough to share your deepest thoughts and experiences with a group of like minded-people?

When you have something interesting to share with your followers, its always good to have a blog. Where you can express your thoughts with much less ambiguity. The blog gives you a bigger playing ground to make your moves.

2.  Thought Leaders

When you write about something with passion, the content automatically works in favor for you. Having a blog which deals with a particular subject or topic makes you one of the thought leaders in that field. Your readers will consider you an expert and reach out to you when in times of need.

Isn’t that what all businesses want? To be called for the solution when there is a problem in their area of specialization. The blog is a apt tool to legitimize your expertise.

 3. Marketing

Its a proven fact that content marketing is the most effective form of promotion for a business. It enables your business to give to the public a part of your acquired expertise and knowledge and thereby bringing inbound projects.

I could go on and on about this point, but to keep it simple – Blogging is one form of marketing every business should think about and adapt to.

4. Staying Active

To write a page, you need to read about a hundred others. When you are writing something, (we are being nice and forgetting the huge amount of plagiarized content out there) you are in turn developing your knowledge a step further. The blog is a great research tool.

Blogging, or any form of publishing content, will help the author become knowledgeable in his/her area of expertise. As a business, it is very important that you stay active in your sector and be updated with the present trends and developments.

5. Passion

I have kept this last because this is very requisite. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, its better to not do it at all.  When you write about what you do, it shows your passion, because you have spend at least one day at making a blog post like this. And that shows commitment

These are some of the main reasons i think a business should start blogging. However, the best reasons are the personal choice of the people who runs these businesses and are determined mostly by the work-culture within the organisation.

Blogging is time consuming, however, it’s worth every bit

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