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The Most Successful Social Media Campaign Ever

The Most Successful Social Media Campaign Ever

Your friends, or a big juicy hamburger for free?

This was the idea which led to one of the most talked about campaigns in the history of Social Media.

In January 2009, fast food giant Burger King introduced an application on their Facebook page by the name ‘Whopper Sacrifice‘. On signing up for the app, users would be asked to unfriend 10 of their Facebook friends, in exchange for a free Whopper Burger.

Whooper burger

A Whooper Burger. Hm.. sure looks good!

It sure is a devious idea. But it gets better! Each of the 10 friends the user unfriended would receive a notification which said that he was less worthier than a tenth of a hamburger, to the person who unfriended him.

Because of the simplicity and evilness of the idea, the campaign went viral. But, the folks at Facebook weren’t very happy about this and issued instructions to Burger King, asking them to disable the notification feature citing privacy breach concern. Burger King decided to take the campaign down almost immediately.

But the results were groundbreaking! The Facebook app was installed more than 60,000 times and nearly 23,000 free coupons were claimed. Yes, that’s right – a whopping 2,34,000 Facebookers were unfriended by their burger craving friends in just 10 days!

The campaign received numerous awards for its simplicity and executional brilliance, and went down in the social media hall of fame as one of the most successful campaigns till date.

Here’s a fan made video which shows how the Whopper Sacrifice application worked.

Would you sacrifice your friends for a burger? We are eager to know. Comment below.

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