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Layout Design: What You Should Keep in Mind

Layout Design: What You Should Keep in Mind

A few weeks back in our Facebook page, we had posted a funny picture from the Internet, explaining the importance of Gutter Space in layout design.


As you can see the layout designers for the magazine didn’t know much about Gutter Space and the German Actor Michael Fassbender‘s name ended being…. well, rather inappropriate.

By now, you should clearly know what we are talking about.

gutter space


Gutter Space has a lot to do with aesthetics. Ensuring proper Gutter Space in your design ensures better readability for the reader.

Other equally important concepts are Safe Zone and Bleed Area.


 Giving enough care to the above factors, using well readable fonts and a clean design can give the best reading experience for your reader.

Do you have anything else to add to the discussion? Comment below. 

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