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Funny TV Commercials Everyone Needs To Watch

Most people remember TV commercials for their catchy slogans and chirpy jingles. But watching the same commercial again and again can make it seem boring unless there is a fun element. To standout in the crowd, advertisers come up with clever, yet funny ideas for commercials. Funny ads, because we all deserve a good laugh. These ads make people look forward to watching them instead of skipping channels. And thus, the brand gets a special place in the viewers’ heart.

Here is a complied list 3 funny TV commercial campaigns from around the world.

Never Say No To Panda – Arab Diary

Watch the video here : Never Say No To Panda Series

“Never Say No to Panda” is an advertisement campaign from Egypt by the brand Arab Diary. It has short sketches starring a panda mascot doing all sorts of evil but hilarious things to people. The series was originally produced for the company’s cheese product named “Panda.” The campaign won Silver Lion award in the 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. The panda mascot from the commercial evolved into an internet meme later. 

Swear Jar – Bud Light


Bud Light is a brand of beer produced by Budweiser Company. This commercial is set in an office, where every time someone swears, they deposit a quarter into a swear jar. In the end, the collection is used to buy Bud Light for everyone at the office.

Watch the video here: Swear Jar

Bud Light ads don’t stop here. They too have a series built around  events like Superbowl. Also, the “ability series” from Bud Light is hilarious.

Extra Energy that will push you further! – Japp


Watch the video here : Japp ad series 

Japp is a chocolate bar sold in Sweden and Norway. Their ad campaigns are hilarious slapstick comedy built around the concept that Japp bar gives extraordinary energy and strength.

These are some funny TV commercials from around the globe. Do you know any others worth mentioning?

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