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Rank your Facebook Page better on Google, Bing

Rank your Facebook Page better on Google, Bing

Recent studies show that the Internet is the second most popular advertising platform in the world behind TV commercials. The average consumer is not average anymore. He goes to the Internet, searches for his requirement, goes to the manufacturer website, purchases the product online and writes a review about the product on his favorite Social Network for his friends to see. So, whether you are a café, supermarket, dentist or any SME; reaping the benefits of this new world consumerism will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Clearly, one of the easiest ways to get a business online is by creating a Facebook page. But how do you make sure that people would find your Facebook page on Google?

When it comes to Facebook pages, SEO is pretty much out of the question. This is because Facebook doesn’t give you access to the meta data for your page.

So, we are going to keep the discussion on to what can be done within the constraints.

1) Pay attention to the Page Info: Be very sure that your page’s info page is complete in every aspect — the descriptions, goals, address, products, everything. This helps the search engine recognize that your page is the real deal and suggest your page when relevant queries are made.

2) More likes: Publicize your page among friendly circles (don’t annoy them!) with an ultimate motive of getting more likes. Updating your page with relevant content regularly can help you achieve this. Don’t oversell your products to people. Remember, Social media about socializing not selling.

3) Promote: Set an online advertising budget and make use of Facebook ads. There is just too much content to be displayed on newsfeeds and without paid promotion, your content is MOST LIKELY to be lost in the clutter. Target and time your promotions and advertisements for maximum reach.

4) Back linking: One of the main factors which influence search ranking are Back links. Make your sure your Facebook URL is found at different location on the internet (Not just in Facebook). Publicize it. Try to get a write-up about your business on online dailies or related popular blogs.

5) Start Blogging: Maybe you have heard this before. We can’t stress enough on the importance of having a blog, especially for businesses. Generate good content and make sure your Facebook URL is easily found on the webpage.

What points have we missed out? Do you have a Facebook page? What are the steps which you took to achieve a better ranking on Google?


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