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Why Email is Still The Best Online Marketing Tool

Why Email is Still The Best Online Marketing Tool

Which is the best way to connect with your customers online? Facebook? Twitter?..

You should already be knowing that, your website is the crux of all your digital marketing efforts. And that’s the ultimate truth. But how do you drive qualified traffic to your website? Psst.. that’s your cue, email!

Statistic: 91% of consumers check their email daily. (Source: ExactTarget)

This signifies enormous potential for marketers. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, if you are not making use of email marketing, now would be a right time to consider it.

Advantages of Email Marketing


1. It’s free: Like they say, good things in life come free. If you are using a freemium mailing service like MailChimp, running a modest email campaign should cost you absolutely nothing. But again, most of these services are based on pay-as-you-scale model. So, you only have to pay for your requirement. This really comes in handy for small and medium enterprises and businesses.

Email Marketing advantages

The template we use for Zhooyi’s official blog newsletter.


2. Better visibility: Because of the fight for real estate on social networks, there is a good chance that most of your promotional posts would get pushed down the feed even if your customers are interested in seeing your content. With email, if your customer really wanted to see you email; they would see it. For example, myself being a digital marketer, I am subscribed to a lot of emails newsletters from various marketing resources and stay updated by scouring through dozens of emails from sources like the marketing automation software company, Hubspot, Facebook marketers Jon Loomer, Mari Smith, etc. I do follow them on their social pages too. But, I rarely see any of their updates on my feeds. That’s the whole issue the world is dealing with – Information overload. Email marketing is to an extent, a solution to this issue.

Email Marketing advantages

Assigning and grouping emails by labels are an effective way to ensure you don’t miss important emails.


3. Express more: Sometimes 140 characters are just not enough. Even on Facebook, statistics have suggested that people have a liking towards shorter posts to the longer ones. Now don’t get the wrong idea, here. Shorter the message, always the better. But you do have a bit more freedom when it comes to email. If your content is compelling, relevant and easily perceivable, then the reader won’t mind going through you email even if it’s quite long.

Email Marketing advantages

Newsletters can be elaborate. But, the quality of the content needs to be top notch.


4. Customisable Call to Actions (CTAs): One of the things I like most about email, are CTAs. If you are unfamiliar with the term, they are graphical elements or pieces of text which redirects readers to an another webpage (referred to as a landing page). Landing pages can be used to collect leads and to promote your products through special offers and giveaways.

Email Marketing advantages call to actions

CTAs are an effective way to convert website visitors into leads.


Email Marketing advantages landing pages

Your landing page needs to be attractive, concise, informative and should offer something of value.


5. Design, customize and personalize: Email newsletters can be highly customized to give a strong visual appeal. Most email marketing tools provide you with a template designer tool for composing beautiful emails. I personally prefer MailChimp because they have this cool drag and drop interface for composing. Usually there are also options to use custom HTML code so that you can customise the template according to your will. Remember an email newsletter is only as good as it’s template, no matter how good the content is. Another interesting option is personalization. It is possible to send personalized emails which for example, can address your subscriber by their name. Adding a touch of personalization never fails to attract attention.

Email Marketing advantages email template designer

MailChimp’s email template designer offers various options for customization of your email.


6. Images. Any number of them: Images speak more than words. In relation to the point made above, emails can be customized with images to provide that visual impact. And unlike in social media, there are no restrictions as to the number of images that we can in emails. You can even use multiple images to bring an effect of an underlying background image beneath your text to bring an entirely different visual feel.

Email Marketing advantages apple newsletter

Apple sends out clean and attractive newsletters occasionally. Quality images and readability is of prime importance.


7. Tracking and Analytics: What good is an effort without analyzing its results? Email analytics which are bundled with email marketing tools, give you in-depth analysis on info such as how many subscribers opened your emails, how many clicked any of the links, etc. This can be a very effective tool to track and measure the success of your campaigns and to improve your strategies.

Do you use email marketing to promote your business or organization. We are eager to know. Tell us about you stories in the comments section below.


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