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Colours play an important role in brand recognition. But, why?

Colours play an important role in brand recognition. But, why?

Is the choice of colours for your brand just a personal choice or does it really matter what colour you choose? The answer to the questions is definitely – Yes. It is possible that people might like or dislike a brand for its colours. Experts say that colour increases brand recognition by 80%. To know what colour fits your brand, you need to know what each colour means.

Let’s take a look at what each colour represents and how colours work together to impart meaning to your brand.

All colours can be fit into three categories – warm, cool or neutral. You can either go with the colours which belong to the same category or mix and match! See the positive and negative aspects of each colour and make the right choice.

Warm Colours

Warm colours invoke excitement and energize everything. However, when used alone, they can be a bit overwhelming, invoking strong emotional responses like anger and violence. To avoid this, while using warm tones, it is advised to add colours from other groups as well.


Cool colours

Cool colours are known to have a calming effect on the viewer. But when used alone, these colours can give a cold or impersonal feel. It is better to mix a colour from the other two groups with a cool colour to minimize the effect.


Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are a great choice to go with the warm and cool colours to make them less warm and cold. They are great for backgrounds and to highlight or shade the other colours. Adding white can give a lighter tint while adding black gives a darker shade.


While there is no absolute “right” way when it comes to choosing a colour for your brand, knowing the target audience and considering their response to colours can help you make the right choice. Your goal is to make your audience choose your brand over others, so your choice of colours must appeal to them.

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