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What is Branding and Why Do It?

What is Branding and Why Do It?

According to the American Marketing Association Dictionary, a Brand is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers.”

It is believed that, Branding was first associated with Cattle trade! Cattle to be sold off, used to be marked with a hot iron stamp burn, to identify which seller the cattle belonged to.

Branding has evolved a lot since and is now more of a subtle art rather than being just a marketing strategy.

Simply said, Branding is the holistic process by which a Brand is developed. It would be totally wrong to say Branding is just about designing a good logo or using a uniform design scheme throughout your promotional material. In reality, every minute aspect of your business defines the very foundation of your Brand.

So we come up to a point where we ask yourself — why Branding? If your business/organization has a top notch product range or if you offer best-in-class services, do you need to go through all these gimmicks?

The answer is well, no — if you are the one and only business, selling Coffee Beans in a small isolated island in the Pacific Ocean. For most of the other cases, YES!

Your business needs a solid Branding Strategy because, that’s what sets you apart from your competitors. Your uniqueness: that defines you.

Also remember, Branding is not something which is physically perceivable. A Brand is what people think about your business. In other words, by the process of Branding you define their perception of your business.

How has Branding helped you in the growth of your Business? Let us know in the comments section below.



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  • DJ

    Well said – the ‘every minute aspect of the business defines the very foundation of the brand’. Every time you walk into a Starbucks coffee shop, they promise you something more than just their supreme coffee.
    You go back because, on top of what you get to drink, there is a hearty welcome every time you step in, a smile that makes your day and a fast and efficient service that does not test your patience. Each of these adds on to their brand image. Soon, it evolves into a relationship with the brand!
    Enjoyed reading it – thumbs up!

    • Mittu Tigi

      thanks DJ.. the story of brand Starbucks is exciting in it own.

  • Noel

    This is true of the existing good businesses that have high brand value. Authentic branding truly appeals to the mind.

  • Tijo

    Hey. Blog is too good, especially the way the author mentions the importance of branding for a business success. I have few questions to Zhooyi. Being a mnc employee, I am not into any sort of business. Does Zhooyi’s branding concept can make any changes in my life? If I have a new business idea, let me know what all services that Zhooyi can provide for a implementing the same?

    • Mittu Tigi

      thanks tijo for the compliments.

      these are the answers to your question:

      1. branding concepts can be applied in the same way to a person’s life as you apply it for any corporate/organisation/product. It will then be called as personal branding. With personal branding, you could become thought leaders among your peer group making organisations approach you for your expert knowledge. The implications of personal branding is very high and I might share something about it here soon.

      2. we could provide you services in developing your product/service as a brand. Making sure each and every aspect of your business operation will reflect your brand philosophy. do contact, if you would like to know an indepth analysis.

  • Anu Abraham Mathew

    “A Brand is what people think about your business.” – loved that part and wished few budding corporate would realize that its beyond what they think is the best about their business ..

    • Mittu Tigi

      very truly said sir!