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13 Creative Advertisements Which Will Catch Your Eye

13 Creative Advertisements Which Will Catch Your Eye

We are bombarded with advertisements everyday. Maybe we haven’t given much of a thought to it. Try counting every single advertisement you see on an average day – from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. It’s overwhelming.

So what makes a good advertisement? Commercial breaks on TV are mostly pee-breaks for us. Similarly, if someone just walks by an outdoor advertisement without even giving a glance, then that’s not very effective either.

You can’t blame people for not caring about boring advertisements. It’s a fast moving world and if something deserves their time and attention, it needs to be worth it. So how do we make advertisements stand out?

Right, by blending them in.. Wait, what?

Ambient Advertising is when advertising is found at uncommon places in an unusual way.

Ambient advertising

 Advertisement for a Zoo

Easy as it seems to a common eye, Ambient Advertising is a real challenge for the advertiser. It should strike a right balance between being clever and conveying, at the same time. Make it too ambient and people might even miss it.

Here are 13 interesting Ambient Advertisements from around the world.

1. Shining White Teeth

Ambient advertising
Advertisement for a dental care clinic.

2. I’d Like a Bite of That!


ambient advertising

Done by JWT London, an ad agency in London, this is definitely KitKat advertisement at its best!

3. And kids, Don’t Forget to Brush your Teeth!


ambient advertising

This clever ad from Colgate, reminds you to never forget to brush your teeth after meals.

4. Freshest Seafood in Town


ambient advertisement

Advertisement for a restaurant which serves seafood. The fishes shown are real and move around in a water filled glass tank kept in front of the poster. Agency: Publicis, Germany for Fisch Franke.

5. Nothing Like a Steaming Cup of Coffee, Right? 


ambient advertising

The manholes (which are also steam vents) were artistically modified to look like a coffee mug, in this advertisement for a coffee brand in New York. Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, NY.

6. The Waiting Shed of Embarrassment


ambient advertising

This waiting shed actually weighs you and shows your weight on the LCD board. The fitness club giant of Germany, were right to think that this might actually inspire the good people of Rotterdam to hit the gym and work on their weight. ;) Done in Netherlands by Dutch creative agency N=5.

7. No, This Was Not an Accident.


Ambient advertising

Amazingly creative promotion of ‘Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die Hard’ in Oslo, Norway. Yea.. we all remember that scene from Die Hard 4, don’t we?

8. Fashionable?!


Ambient Advertising

This hairdresser sure knows how to make a statement.

9. Mr. Clean Zebra Line


ambient advertising

The Pedestrian crossing line which ‘stands out’ is an excellent advertisement for the detergent company in Germany.

10. Ladies, Presenting.. The Quick-Dry Nail Polish


ambient advertising

They are clearly impressed by the latest range of ‘quick-dry’ nail polish (less than 60 seconds to dry) by Rimmel UK. Agency: JWT, London.

11. I See You..


ambient advertising

This promotional ad for the 2010 Tim Burton movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a bit spooky, but sure is clever!

12. Tick Spray for Dogs

ambient advertising

This one from Indonesia is a classic. Notice the way how the people on this mall floor resemble ticks on the dog? Creative brilliance by Saatchi and Saatchi.

13. The Game of Dragons


ambient advertising

This is commonly regarded as one of the most viral ambient advertising campaigns. On July 15, 2013, morning joggers on Charmouth beach, England spotted this giant dragon skull washed up on the coast. The coast also known as Jurassic Coast, is famous for being a major source of dinosaur fossils. But not to worry, this was a promotional stunt for the premier of the 3rd season of popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. Read more about this epic advertising campaign (with pictures) here.

Ambient Advertising can be twice as effective and cheap, if executed brilliantly. Besides, when you can pull off something like this, who would want the traditional advertisements anyway? The world is moving real fast, keep up brands!

Have you come across any Ambient Advertisings other than which we mentioned above? Comment below.

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