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7 Free Apps to Better your Facebook Page

7 Free Apps to Better your Facebook Page

Facebook pages are an excellent way for personalities, businesses and organizations  to connect with their fans and customers. But there is more to Facebook pages than just posting photos and sharing videos. To enhance your Facebook page and to engage better with your target audience, we bring you our hand picked collection of 10 Facebook page add-ons you might find useful.

1) Social Apps

Facebook is a good place to attract your customers to follow you on other social platforms you have presence in. Display your posts from these popular social tools on your Facebook page to let your customers know that you are available on these platforms, and  to make use of the different offerings of these other social platforms.

YouTube Tab
Twitter Tab
Instagram Tabs
Pinterest Tabs
2) Contact Form

free facebook app for contact form

All of your customers need not be Facebook savvy. They might either feel sketchy about messaging your page or may not know the feature exists at all. By putting up a catchy tab image which says ‘Contact’, you can make this app work, in the same way the contact page on your website works. That is, you can lead them to an ol’ school contact form, where your customers can enter their details and press submit.

3) Jobcast

free facebook app for job announcement

If your company is planning on recruiting or hiring new employees, this app can be pretty useful. Jobcast allows you to post job openings and your prospective employees can submit your resume in the app. Also, it gives you a cool back-end interface for functions like monitoring the applications you have received and so on.

4) Ecwid

free facebook app ecwid e-commerce facebook page app

Do you sell any products? Set up an e-commerce store on your Facebook page with Ecwid. You can showcase up to 10 items using your free account. You can also use this app to provide digital downloads (docs, audio, etc.) for free and for giving away your custom branded business merchandises.
5) Fan of the Week

free facebook app fan of the week

Social media marketing is all about giving back to your customers. Rewarding or appreciating your fans is a great way to nurture a better relation with them. Fan of the week chooses the most interacting fan of your page, every week. You could even choose to give away a special discount or coupon for your services in return for his ‘fanship’.
6) Blog Tab

free facebook page app display blog feed

Display a preview to your latest blog posts on your Facebook page using Blog Tab. This can help you drive even more traffic to your blog.
7) Static Iframe Tab

free facebook page app static iframe custom content

What if you want to display some custom content on your Facebook page like a landing page for a contest or some cool flash content. Static Iframe Tab lets you create pages which you can fill up with HTML coding for creating custom content.

Most of the above Facebook apps gives you options to set a fangate. A fangate is a feature in which a different page is displayed for people who have liked and have not liked your page. Make sure you set one because enabling fangate slightly increases the chances of you getting more likes on your page.

Do you use or know of other free useful Facebook apps for Pages? Do let us know in the comments section below.



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