About Us

Zhooyi is a strategy-based consulting media house that works towards helping brands grow & take their businesses to new heights in the modern era. Founded in the year 2017, we have successfully completed over 500+ projects for more than 100+ clients till date. We have emerged as a leading strategy & innovation partner in the last few years.


" We take great pride in consistently bringing smart decisions that meet your business needs.

CEO & Director

Mittu Tigi

Our Values

Our Approach


Understanding needs

Understanding your needs and business goals is our crucial step. We establish a creative solution and a detailed research plan that yields the most quantitative results.


Research & Conceptualizing

At this point, we invest plenty of time and energy to form a basic concept for messaging, positioning, and branding to reach for a thorough business plan.


Business Planning

As we strive to create the best result for our client, we tailor insights to meet your needs, transform and shape your business with effective plans.


Strategy Development

Here is where the magic happens! We make sure your business stands out in the public. Our thorough strategic approach helps to execute our plans effectively.


Executing Ideas

This is where everything comes together. Innovative and engaging campaigns are created! Our strategies are carefully implemented in the right place at the right time to make your business successful.


Delivering Solutions

In our final phase, we deliver solutions for your business, make sure it engages with the right customers and allow your business to truly soar.